Auto City, Redding, CA.

"We’ve sold over 45 extra cars in our first 3 tax seasons using this program. The Instant Refund Estimator is a great way to get people with refund money in your door”. Julie, Sales Manager.

Blue Ridge Motors, Hickory, NC.

“Our first year using the TaXstar Income Tax Refund Program attracted dozens of new customers and provided over $40,000 for down payments”. Dana, Finance Manager.

The Auto Hubb Janesville, WI.

“We have been working with TaXstar since 2004, and have had great success every year. I highly recommend their Refund Program”. Renee, Owner.

The Process

Your goal is to sell cars and ours is to prepare tax returns. That’s why we designed a user-friendly web portal for you to quickly estimate the amount of your customer’s anticipated tax refund, send and receive tax documents, and check the status of the tax refund.

Beginning in November, our Jump Start program lets you get the “Jump” on the competition by using the customer’s last pay stub to estimate the amount of the anticipated tax refund and then using some of it as a deferred down payment to help sell one of your cars. The process is fast and easy. It only takes a few minutes to enter the information we need, so salespeople can spend their time selling cars.

We will contact your customer/ taxpayer directly for any further, tax-related issues. We are a full-service tax company, available year-round, and fully responsible for the tax returns we prepare.

When the customers receive their W-2s in January, we will complete the tax return, file all documents, answer any tax questions and assume all tax preparation liability. Refunds are normally received within 7 to 15 days after filing and sent directly to the dealer.