Auto City, Redding, CA.

"We’ve sold over 45 extra cars in our first 3 tax seasons using this program. The Instant Refund Estimator is a great way to get people with refund money in your door”. Julie, Sales Manager.
Blue Ridge Motors, Hickory, NC.

“Our first year using the TaXstar Income Tax Refund Program attracted dozens of new customers and provided over $40,000 for down payments”. Dana, Finance Manager.

The Auto Hubb Janesville, WI.

“We have been working with TaXstar since 2004, and have had great success every year. I highly recommend their Refund Program”. Renee, Owner.


The best marketing plans are the ones that WORK, and we have a selection of methods and materials used successfully by our participating dealers. Over 75% of American taxpayers receive a tax refund and for many it is the one time they have enough money for an acceptable down payment. Getting them to visit your lot before they spend that money and making the sale with a refund estimate or completed tax return, while still on your lot, is the goal of the Taxstar marketing plan.

The ability to provide tax preparation and tax refunds directly from your lot is a service that can be advertised year-round with table tents, brochures, inserts, and wall signage, and during tax season with outdoor banners and by including it in your regular advertisements and promotions.

Upon enrollment, you will have access to dozens of proven marketing techniques that are tailored to fit your business, whether an owner/ operator or a multi-lot company. A marketing specialist will help you effectively use a variety of professionally designed materials to “Drive Up Your Sales”.