Auto City, Redding, CA.

"We’ve sold over 45 extra cars in our first 3 tax seasons using this program. The Instant Refund Estimator is a great way to get people with refund money in your door”. Julie, Sales Manager.

Blue Ridge Motors, Hickory, NC.

“Our first year using the TaXstar Income Tax Refund Program attracted dozens of new customers and provided over $40,000 for down payments”. Dana, Finance Manager.

The Auto Hubb Janesville, WI.

“We have been working with TaXstar since 2004, and have had great success every year. I highly recommend their Refund Program”. Renee, Owner.


Use your customer's income tax return to help sell one or Your cars. Closing the deal is easier with the additioanal money from the tax refund, which last year averaged over $2,800.

With over 45 years of tax experience, we provide proven marketing programs and the quickest most accurate tax preparation services available. We provide everything you need, including access to our internet Auto Portal with live and online training, banners, signs, brochures, camera-ready ads and direct mailing materials.

Enroll Now

Our “Jump Start” deferred down payment program begins in November, so now is the time to sign up and start offering a FREE Instant Tax Refund Estimate. Most people are anxious to find out how much money they will get back and you provide that useful service. They simply bring you their last pay stub or W-2, and you enter that information online and the Auto Portal instantly calculates an estimate of the amount of tax refund they should receive. You will know in seconds how many refund dollars are available to close the deal. Then use that anticipated refund as a down payment. This is a proven way to get potential customers in to your lot! And the online application fee is only $265, lower than many other national preparers.